Poster for The Golf Channel Robin Cowie Producer and Director 1994-1995

The Golf Channel


15th hire at The Golf Channel

> Produced and directed show packaging, promotions, interstitials, and marketing support

> Produced the opening segment for The Golf Channel

> Created the “Golf is” brand launch campaign

Joining The Golf Channel after Nickelodeon was a pivotal move in my career, placing me at the heart of launching a new sports network in Orlando, Florida. Under the guidance of Creative Director Steve Johnston, my duties were diverse: creating show opens, network promotions, interstitial content, and ads for our advertisers. This role demanded a blend of creativity and marketing acumen, pushing me to innovate and engage our audience effectively.

Working alongside Kenny Taht, we crafted the network’s debut opening, setting the tone for the brand. One of my notable projects was editing a key montage to broaden golf’s appeal, which anchored our partner conversations for years. 

The launch of Golf Academy Live was a major milestone, combining entertainment with golf education, and marking one of our most successful programs.

This period at The Golf Channel was not just about fulfilling my role; it was about absorbing invaluable lessons in sports broadcasting, branding, and the dynamics of a fast-paced launch.

These experiences were instrumental in starting my first entrepreneurial venture, Hollywood Cows, with Kenny Taht. 

The Golf Channel launch Experience Logo
Academy Live with Tiger Woods