Cover of Disney at Home Holiday Crafts and Treats video produced by Hollywood Cows

Hollywood Cows


Founding Partner and shareholder

> Wrote, directed, produced commercials and branding content.

> Clients included Disney, Universal, Splendid China, The Golf Channel, Etonic Shoes, Arnold Palmer Golf, The Orlando Magic, Jack Nicklaus, Signature Flight Support.

> Company became Go Convergence when I left which later purchased by Mood Media in 2015.

> Created a successful brand, product line, and video series called Disney At Home

> Helped launch the Disney Institute – Cinematic track with Roger Ebert

Robin Cowie co-founder and partner with Hollywood Cows along with his partner, Kenny Taht and landed a contract to create several videos and merchandise tie-ins for a new brand called Disney at Home; a “Martha Stewart” goes Disney type series that incorporated the many experts and artists who work at Disney.

Although it no longer is sold, the series allowed them to launch Hollywood Cows, a creative production company.

They created many golf commercials, sports commercials, tourist centric commercials and corporate videos. Robin Cowie co-founder and partner with Hollywood Cows which became Go Convergence moved on to become a partner in Haxan Films and produce The Blair Witch Project.  Kenney Taht has grown this company into one of the most successful multimedia companies in Orlando Go Convergence.

Disney at home set shot of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse surrounded by Christmas decorations