Welcome, I am Robin Cowie, a 26-year veteran experience creator.  By producing feature films, television shows, theater, computer games, theme park adventures, advertising, and marketing projects, I’ve discovered a lot about creating meaningful experiences. 

If you are interested in learning about the past and future of experience marketing and entertainment then this site is for you.

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The truth is out there

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Tonight HELO celebrated the holidays and I was lucky to share it with these two life long friends.

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We did good work again! Check out www.aeronautsjourney.com. Super fun.

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More wonderful time with family

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The family is assembling for Thanksgiving activities. Wonderful time for hugs and appreciation. Sending love to friends and family

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Our favorite bar in London…so far. Bull in a China Shop

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This is a new concept story from Samsung. It's all about the human experience. Very little product but a focus on making life better and happier. Stunningly well done.

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The coolest model of London

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Love this place. You cant see it very well but that is actually a waterfall.

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Well, we are here! Sarah's already boat shopping

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I played for 8 years. Such a wonderful victory in so many different ways. It gives me hope for the people of my home country.

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South Africa into the final!

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