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Robin Cowie

Robin Cowie

Creative Technologist

With over 26 years of experience, I’ve forged a powerful fusion of creativity and technology, leaving an enduring impact across multiple industries. As the producer of “The Blair Witch Project,” I pushed innovative storytelling and internet marketing, setting new standards for the horror genre. My early work included impactful roles at Nickelodeon, where I produced and directed promotions and later won the Viewer’s Choice Award for the animated short “Farm Force.” I helped launch The Golf Channel, showcasing an early inclination towards blending content with cutting-edge technology.

  • Independently produced 9 feature films, 2 television series, 6 video games, and 3 theme park experiences.
  • As Creative Director at Dr. Phillips Center, infused creativity into the audience experience for the six-hundred million-dollar entertainment venue.
  • Helped lead the three most profitable Madden NFL games in franchise history as Senior Narrative Producer at Electronic Arts.
  • Delved into the intersection of AI and traditional computer graphics through work with the Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division (SEED).
  • Spearheaded multi-platform campaigns for renowned brands at HELO as Director of Technology.
  • Pioneered the Electrical Helper Program, leveraging VR to revolutionize training methods as Chief Technology Officer at Promising People.

My journey has led me to delve into AI, computer graphics, and Natural Language Processing, recognizing their capacity for real-world change. My mission is to lead transformative endeavors in Large Language Models and Generative AI, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Nvidia’s GET3D and Luma’s Genie to advance Virtual World Development and Interactive Augmented Environments. These innovations have already reshaped entertainment and education, and I’m committed to pushing the boundaries further. With my deep expertise, I stand at the forefront of technology, continually seeking practical applications that enhance human lives.


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