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> Love for stories, desire for community: my passion for storytelling and building connections led to the creation of the Orlando Story Club.
> Platform for diverse voices: Held at CityArts, the club offers a space for anyone to share personal stories under various themes, fostering understanding.
> Inclusive and dynamic: Random selection and an “anonymous one-liner” segment ensure inclusivity and diverse perspectives in a playful and dynamic setting.

Best of 2019 Orlando Weekly award for Orlando Story Club

Discovering the Heartbeat of Orlando: My Journey with the Orlando Story Club

The genesis of the Orlando Story Club is deeply intertwined with my own journey—a path marked by an insatiable love for storytelling and a desire to weave the fabric of the community through the spoken word. Born from a blend of personal passion and professional evolution, the club has become a testament to the transformative power of narrative, a cause I’ve championed from my early days in the industry to my cinematic ventures, notably the making of “The Blair Witch Project.”

My move to Orlando was a turning point, not just geographically but in my quest to find a new channel for storytelling. In Orlando, I saw a vibrant community ripe for a platform where voices could be elevated and where tales from the most diverse backgrounds could converge in a symphony of experiences. This vision led to the founding of the Orlando Story Club, a sanctuary for storytellers nestled in the creative enclave of CityArts, presented by the Downtown Arts District.

At its core, the club is an invitation—a call to those brave enough to share a piece of themselves on stage, under the spotlight, against the backdrop of themes that challenge, inspire, and resonate. From “Anti-Hero” to “Foreign Land,” each theme is a canvas, and every storyteller is an artist. The essence of these evenings is not just in the narratives shared but in the collective experience they foster, bridging hearts and minds in a shared space of laughter, empathy, and understanding.

What sets the Orlando Story Club apart is its inclusivity and spontaneity. Participants, drawn randomly, are thrust into the limelight, offering a kaleidoscope of perspectives that enrich us all. It’s a dynamic testament to the power of story, where each event is a unique journey through the human experience. Furthermore, our innovative segment, “What’s a one-liner?” injects a playful yet poignant element into the mix, allowing even the most reticent individuals a chance to contribute anonymously to the evening’s theme.

Reflecting on my own path—from a commercial producer to a figure in the film industry and now a steward of community storytelling—I am reminded of the threads that bind us all. My transition to storytelling within Orlando’s vibrant arts scene has been a voyage of discovery, reaffirming my belief in the strength of communal narratives.

Since its inception in 2014, the Orlando Story Club has stood as a beacon for those who find solace, joy, and connection in storytelling. It is a platform that champions the raw, the refined, the hilarious, and the heart-wrenching stories of our lives. As its founder, I extend an open invitation to anyone who believes in the power of storytelling to join us, to share, and to listen. In the end, it is through our stories that we discover we are not so different after all. We are woven from the same cloth, each of us a thread in the rich tapestry of human experience that makes up the Orlando Story Club.

You can explore the Orlando Story Club website and watch hundreds of stories on their Facebook page.