woman's face with overlay of the American Flag across her face

Made In America Music Video

Director | Producer

Music Video for King Complex

> Managed creative and budget and a 2-month development cycle

> Oversaw the direction and editorial of this anti-gun violence music video

> Worked with students from Valencia Community College to help create the video and a companion documentary.  Used the process to teach 60 film students.

Made In America was created in the rare few months that I was not working on a commercial project.  A friend’s son had just started a band called King Complex.  He asked if I’d listen to their first album and could I help introduce them to music video director’s.  Something about Made In America struck a chord with me.  It’s haunting, terrifying, and beautiful all at the same time.  I’d always wanted to direct a music video and so agreed to create something for them.  I pitched an unusual idea: we would work with a local community college – Valencia Film School – and engage the students in every part of production.  A few months after we completed it the Pulse shootings happened in Orlando.  Gun control is still one of the most horrific problems in the world – especially America.