Poster of Madden 19 Longshot Homecoming

Madden NFL 19 Longshot Homecoming


Electronic Arts, Tiburon Studio

> Managed the budget and resources for a brutally short 8-month development cycle.

> Created 90 minutes of high-end cinematics and 6 hours of gameplay.

> Helped improve cinematic workflows and pipelines including repurposing FIFA content and other game content for rapid content creation.

The same team who created Longshot were asked to create the sequel but due to some complications under a much shorter timeline.  With only 8 months to create the mode we had to reduce the cinematics from 3 hours that we captured to a final 1.5.  We were able to expand the gameplay significantly.  The performances by Joey KingRon Cephas Jones, Rob Schneider, and Bill Cowher are particularly outstanding.  Scott Porter is brilliant as Colt with a much deeper dive into his side of the story.  JR Lemon is wonderful as always and we are so grateful for him and all the work he did to make Longshot exist.

The Trailer for Longshot Homecoming Madden 19

This behind the scenes video gives you a peak into the complexity of creating a computer generated experience with this level of interactivity.

Every element in the scene needs to be created, optimised, and polished.  It takes endless contributions from cinematography, art direction, animation, environment art, character art, technical art, graphics engineering, editing, sound design, and music.

The core team for the mode comprised of roughly 40 people.  But the extended team including the outsource partners was approximately 200.  We had people working in Orlando, Florida, Austin Texas, Los Angeles, California, Vancouver Canada, Shanghai, China, and other cities.  Simply coordinating the credits was an epic undertaking!  I’d have to say that every cliche you hear about AAA game development is true – it is intense, long hours, complex beyond reason, and immensely rewarding. 

This is a look at how the mode comes together:

We had so much fun making both Longshot and Longshot: Homecoming. Here is a peak at us “working” during the capture phase: