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Power Up Your Story


Janus Henderson Investors

> Managed the budget and 2-month development.

> Created and directed VR training and education materials to teach Financial Advisors how to use storytelling to improve their client’s business and lives.

I met the remarkable John Evans Jr. through a friend of a friend and then he attended one of my Orlando Story Club events.  Before I knew it he had me whipped into the world of Janus Capital Group and Janus Labs.

Janus Labs is a collection of research-based programs developed by leading experts across every field, designed to put executives at the top of their game.  Ultimately John and I developed the following Power Up Your Story series to help anyone who tells stories improve the effectiveness of their material.  This is just the start of many projects we hope to work on together.

John and I discussing 3 easy ways to improve any story.

We invited several outstanding people in the Central Florida community to join us for the following story workshop.  The dinner took around 3 hours and was filled with wonderful insights and discussion.  

During this time I elaborated on the 3 key ideas for improving stories: 

1. Build an empathy bridge

2. Engage with conflict

3. Shift perspective.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5