Exterior of house from In Someone Else's Shoes domestic violence immersive experience by Helo

Santander – In Someone Else’s Shoes

Director of Technology


> Spatial audio and interactive experiences raised awareness about domestic violence.

> Microsite, immersive house, and testimonials engaged and inspired social action.

> Technology and creativity fostered empathy and drove positive change.

In Someone Else’s Shoes: A Creative and Technical Journey for Social Change

In the realm of digital innovation, it’s rare to encounter projects that not only push the boundaries of technology but also touch the hearts of many. One such initiative that stands out in my professional journey is “In Someone Else’s Shoes,” launched by Santander Bank. This multifaceted experiential campaign was designed with a noble cause at its core: to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The Genesis of Innovation

At the outset, “In Someone Else’s Shoes” was envisioned as more than just a campaign; it was a bridge connecting the audience with the complex realities of those facing domestic violence and financial hardships due to social challenges. The project’s backbone was its innovative use of technology, particularly spatial audio. This technology was seamlessly implemented to create an immersive experience that varied depending on the participant’s location within a “pop-up” house. This showcased technical creativity and underscored the importance of empathy in understanding domestic violence.

Diverse Focus for a Broader Impact

Understanding that social challenges come in many forms, the campaign was meticulously crafted to vary its focus. While domestic violence was a primary concern, the initiative also shed light on the plight of homelessness, demonstrating a versatile approach to advocacy and awareness.

A Symphony of Elements

The campaigns included a range of elements designed to engage, inform, and inspire action:

Microsite: A digital hub providing valuable information and resources.
Immersive Experiences: An interactive house presenting domestic violence’s complexities through spatial audio and visual storytelling.
Video Testimonials: First-hand accounts from individuals affected by domestic violence
Donation Drives: integrated calls to action within the campaign.

 Fostering Empathy and Encouraging Action

The overarching goal of “In Someone Else’s Shoes” was to foster empathy and encourage action towards positive change. This initiative was not just about showcasing technological expertise or creative storytelling; it was about using those skills to make a tangible difference in society. The project served as a powerful reminder of the potential for digital innovations to connect hearts and minds for a greater cause.

Five women who helped create the domestic violence immersive experience In Someone Else's Shoes

Impact and Recognition

The impact of “In Someone Else’s Shoes” was profound, earning recognition for its innovative approach to raising awareness about critical social issues. The campaign generated significant media coverage and public engagement, demonstrating the power of creative and technical skills when harnessed for social good. Furthermore, it played a crucial role in raising funds for organizations supporting vulnerable communities, showcasing the real-world impact of digital advocacy.

In Conclusion

“In Someone Else’s Shoes” stands as a beacon of how creativity and technology can converge to address societal challenges. This project highlights my technical and creative abilities and underscores my commitment to leveraging those skills for meaningful change. As we move forward, let’s remember the power of innovation in making the world a more empathetic and understanding place. Through projects like this, we can truly walk in someone else’s shoes, if only for a moment, and emerge as agents of change in our communities.

The outside exterior of the domestic violence immersive experience by Helo called In Someone Else's Shoes in New York