Coors Light – Chillboards Campaign

Director of Technology


> Summer campaign used special rooftop paint to cool Miami buildings
> Environmentally friendly paint lowered temperatures by 50°F.
> Used white roofs to combat heat waves covering an area equal to 160 traditional billboards

The Coors Light “Chillboards” Campaign: A Fusion of Innovation, Sustainability, and Branding

In the sweltering summer months of 2022, Miami residents found an unexpected ally in their battle against the extreme heat: the Coors Light “Chillboards” campaign. This initiative wasn’t just a marketing stunt; it was a purpose-driven campaign that leveraged creativity and technology to provide genuine, tangible benefits to the community. This innovative project aimed to blend corporate social responsibility with effective branding, showcasing how companies can address pressing environmental issues while staying true to their brand identity.

Campaign Genesis: Addressing a Pressing Need

Faced with the challenge of combating the urban heat island effect—a phenomenon where urban areas become significantly warmer than their rural surroundings due to human activities this campaign saw an opportunity to make a difference. The goal was to relieve communities affected by heat waves while promoting sustainable cooling solutions. The solution? Special white paint applied to rooftops, capable of reflecting 85% of sunlight and lowering surface temperatures by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Creative Execution: More Than Just a Paint Job

The “Chillboards” campaign was about more than just repainting roofs; it transformed these surfaces into minimalist, impactful advertisements for the Coors Light brand. The unique white coating, provided in partnership with Mule-Hide Paints, served a dual purpose: it offered a sustainable way to cool homes and acted as a canvas to promote our “Chill” message. To add a creative twist, we collaborated with NYC street artist “Andaluz the Artist” to design a visually appealing custom font that reflected the campaign’s eco-conscious ethos.

Technical Innovation and Social Impact

Applying the paint across 96 apartment buildings, we effectively created an area equivalent to 160 traditional billboards. But these weren’t ordinary billboards; they were “Chillboards” that advertised the brand and actively cooled the environment. This innovative approach to out-of-home advertising did not go unnoticed, as the campaign was featured in various media outlets, raising awareness about sustainable cooling solutions.

The Ripple Effect: Beyond Miami

The impact of the “Chillboards” campaign extended far beyond the immediate cooling benefits for Miami residents. By showcasing the tangible advantages of white roofs through a digital campaign and a video that highlighted the initiative’s success, we sparked a global conversation about sustainable solutions to combat heat waves. This campaign was a testament to how creative thinking and technological innovation can be harnessed to address real-world challenges, aligning perfectly with the Coors Light brand’s commitment to “chill” in every sense of the word.

Conclusion: A New Benchmark for Branding and CSR

The Coors Light “Chillboards” campaign was a marketing success and a showcase of how brands can significantly address environmental and social issues. Through creative collaboration, technical ingenuity, and a deep understanding of the community’s needs, we delivered a campaign that resonated with people’s values and contributed to a cooler, more sustainable future. As we look back on this initiative, it stands as a powerful example of the positive impact that brands can have when they marry innovation with a commitment to social responsibility.