Amazon – Jack Ryan Covert Agents Experience

Director of Technology


> An immersive experience with puzzles and actors for the new season of Jack Ryan.
> Twitch streamers played “Ghost Recon” with action and giveaways.
> Huge social engagement boosting visibility and anticipation for the show.

Leveraging Twitch Influencers for Amazon’s “Jack Ryan Covert Agents” Campaign: A Blend of Creativity and Strategy

In an era where digital platforms and influencer marketing continue to redefine audience engagement, Amazon Prime’s “Jack Ryan Covert Agents” campaign stands out as an example of innovative and strategic promotion. Tasked with drumming up excitement for the new season of the “Jack Ryan” TV series, we embarked on a campaign that showcased creative and technical abilities but also underscored the effectiveness of influencer marketing in reaching and engaging a target demographic.

Campaign Overview

In November 2019, anticipating the third season of “Jack Ryan,” we launched a unique campaign involving a partnership with popular Twitch streamers. The choice of Twitch, a platform renowned for its strong gaming community, was deliberate. It aimed to target the show’s core demographic by leveraging the platform’s popularity among gamers and fans of the Tom Clancy universe. The campaign involved streamers playing “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” a game set in the same universe as “Jack Ryan” while integrating the show’s theme into their streams through custom overlays, themed character skins, and engaging discussions about the series.


Execution with Precision and Creativity

The selection of streamers like Shroud, DrDisrespect, and Summit1G was strategic, aiming to maximize reach and impact. These influencers were encouraged to create an immersive “Jack Ryan” experience, blending gameplay with narratives and discussions related to the TV series. This approach not only enhanced the viewers’ engagement but also seamlessly promoted the upcoming season of “Jack Ryan.”
Integrating giveaways, including signed merchandise and exclusive content access, added an exciting layer to the campaign. It incentivized viewer participation and further elevated the buzz around the new season.

Results: Buzz, Engagement, and Excitement

The campaign’s success was evident in the buzz and excitement it generated for the new season of “Jack Ryan.” With their vast audiences, the participating streamers significantly boosted visibility and anticipation for the series. The strategic use of Twitch, a platform beloved by the show’s target audience, proved to be an effective channel for promoting the series, demonstrating our ability to identify and leverage the most impactful platforms for content promotion.

Features of this experience included:

Immersive Storytelling: Participants were plunged into the world of Jack Ryan, surrounded by realistic sets, props, and costumes that mirrored the TV series’ environment.
Interactive Puzzles: The experience challenged participants with puzzles that demanded teamwork, problem-solving skills, and an intimate knowledge of the “Jack Ryan” universe.
Live Actors: The presence of live actors enhanced the realism of the experience, engaging participants in a dynamic narrative involving CIA agents, terrorists, and other characters from the “Jack Ryan” series.

Conclusion: A Testament to Strategic Innovation

The “Jack Ryan Covert Agents” campaign on Twitch exemplifies the power of creative and strategic marketing in the digital age. By leveraging influential Twitch streamers and creating immersive, interactive promotional activities, we generated significant excitement and engagement for the new season of “Jack Ryan.” This campaign highlights my creative and technical capabilities and my ability to innovate within the evolving landscape of digital marketing and audience engagement. The success of this campaign serves as a benchmark for leveraging digital platforms and influencer marketing to create compelling, engaging promotional campaigns.