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> Grew this online information and education start up from $500K in EBITDA to over $4.5M annually.

> Grew and managed a staff of 35 people.

> Created an online database of ecommerce-friendly wholesale products.

> Created ecommerce video, eBook, and podcast training.

> Certified eBay and Amazon speaker and co-wrote the book: “eBay Performance”

In 2001, after the success of The Blair Witch Project, one of the investors in The Blair Witch introduced Robin to the exploding world of eCommerce. He made the leap to become a partner in a tiny startup company called Worldwide Brands; a product sourcing company helping retailers sell online, on eBay, and on Amazon. By the end of his involvement with Worldwide Brands ecommerce, Robin Cowie had grown the company to a staff of 35 people with gross sales of more than $4.5 million. 

One of the most successful components created during his time with Worldwide Brands was the use of recorded and LIVE video.The company built a small studio enabling them to broadcast live video of themselves and their guests (often joining us via Skype). This provided extensive, up-to-date, instant how-to-training. The success of these videos has been proven in that they are still teaching people a decade after he left Worldwide Brands.


During this time, he also wrote a book on product sourcing and ecommerce with Jen Cano using market research and product sourcing to create selling success on eBay.  He was a frequent lecturer for eBay University and traveled throughout the country speaking on the future of ecommerce and small business.  This resulted in numerous radio interviews and contributing articles on ecommerce.  It seems like a lifetime ago, but Robin learned an amazing amount about the internet and commerce on the internet in general.

eBay Performance Ecommerce book co written by Robin Cowie