> Introducing SkillMaker.AI, your one-stop shop for creating immersive, data-driven, and skill-focused training programs using the power of Mixed Reality and the 7 Steps Methodology.

SkillMaker.AI: Immerse Yourself in Learning with Data-Driven Training

We empower learners to step into the shoes of experienced professionals and gain invaluable knowledge through a first-person perspective.

Founded by Learning & Development veterans, Les and Robin Cowie, SkillMaker.AI leverages their combined 50+ years of expertise to develop programs that truly resonate. We utilize the proven 7 Steps Methodology for First-Person experiential development, ensuring your training programs are comprehensive, relevant, and impactful.

Here’s how SkillMaker.AI works:

  1. Team: We start by establishing the foundation, defining roles, and identifying the team involved in the training program. This involves gathering knowledge from subject matter experts to build a strong base.

  2. Environment: We delve deep into the internal and external environments where the skills or job will be performed. Learners gain a complete understanding of the workspace, equipment, tools, and interactions they’ll encounter.

  3. Flow: We map out the sequence of skills required for the job, ensuring a clear and logical progression from start to finish. This helps learners grasp the overall process and their place within it.

  4. Skills: We identify the specific skills needed for each step of the flow, focusing on the inputs and outputs required. Learners understand what they need to do and how their work contributes to the bigger picture.

  5. Frequency: Applying the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule), we prioritize the crucial 20% of skills responsible for 80% of job performance. This helps learners focus on the essentials and achieve rapid progress.

  6. Right: We create checklists outlining the correct way to perform the job or skill. This information forms the foundation for crafting immersive training programs.

  7. Wrong: We anticipate and address potential faults and mistakes, using structured questioning to create fault checklists and draft scripts for efficient diagnosis and correction. This ensures learners can handle both routine and unexpected challenges.

SkillMaker.AI is more than just training; it’s an experience.

By combining cutting-edge technology with proven methodologies, we create engaging and effective learning programs that empower individuals and organizations to thrive.