Mini – Launched By Campaign

Director of Technology


> MINI spotlights unique creators celebrating diversity.
> Videos, collaborations, and user content promote individual stories.
> Partnerships with fashion, art, and sports blend the brand with creative visions.

Celebrating Individuality and Creativity: The MINI “Launched By” Campaign

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive marketing, MINI has consistently stood out for its commitment to creativity, innovation, and individuality. The “Launched By” campaign marks a significant departure from traditional car marketing strategies. Instead of focusing solely on the vehicles, MINI chose to spotlight the unique stories and personalities of individuals who embody the spirit of the brand.

The Essence of “Launched By”

At its core, the “Launched By” campaign is a celebration of diversity and self-expression. It’s about showcasing individuals with distinct ideas and personalities—those who dare to defy conventions and embrace their uniqueness. Through a series of experiences ranging from video profiles to collaborative projects and social media engagement, MINI has managed to create a platform that promotes its vehicles and the stories of creative minds around the globe.

Campaign Features

Launched in 2020: The campaign kicked off with a focus on different creative individuals, featuring their stories through various mediums.

Format Variations: Depending on the specific campaign, formats included video profiles, collaboration projects, and social media initiatives designed to foster interaction and user-generated content.

Overall Goal: The primary objective has been celebrating diverse perspectives, inspiring MINI enthusiasts, and reinforcing the brand’s association with non-conformity and self-expression.

Unique Launch Strategies

Breaking away from the traditional press conference reveals, MINI took a novel approach by entrusting the launch of its new models to eight remarkable creators. These individuals were tasked with introducing MINI vehicles to the world in their own unique ways, effectively blending the essence of the brand with their personal narratives and creative visions.

Notable Collaborations

A partnership with fashion icon Sir Paul Smith led to the creation of a limited-edition electric MINI Cooper SE, showcasing the intersection of automotive engineering and high fashion.
Artist Es Devlin was featured for her “Joyride” sculpture, a large-scale installation inspired by the MINI Cooper, highlighting the vehicle’s playful and adventurous spirit.
The campaign spotlighted skateboarder and entrepreneur Lizzie Armanto, emphasizing the synergy between the brand and the worlds of sports and entrepreneurship.
The “Launched By YOU” competition was introduced, inviting fans to submit user-generated videos that showcase unique driving experiences, further cementing the campaign’s commitment to community engagement and creativity.

Impact and Recognition

The “Launched By” campaign has garnered acclaim for its authentic storytelling and ability to connect with a diverse audience and has significantly contributed to enhancing MINI’s brand perception. By celebrating individuality and fostering a sense of community among MINI enthusiasts, the campaign has played a pivotal role in generating interest and sales for new models, especially electric vehicles. It stands as a testament to MINI’s innovative approach to marketing, proving that authentic connections and creative collaborations can drive both brand loyalty and commercial success.


MINI’s “Launched By” campaign exemplifies how brands can transcend traditional marketing paradigms to forge deeper connections with their audience. By focusing on the stories of creative individuals and their unique interpretations of what it means to drive a MINI, the campaign has enriched the brand’s narrative and inspired a new generation of MINI enthusiasts. In a world where authenticity and individuality are increasingly valued, MINI’s approach offers valuable insights into the power of creative collaboration and storytelling in building a resilient and engaging brand identity.