Currently I’m the Director of Experience Technology for HELO, a global experience marketing studio, and a founding partner for Experientia XR Limited, an original content development company located in London, England.  However, if you would like to learn about my past projects and adventures then you will find details below.  Every creative experience involves hundreds of wonderfully talented people and organizations. I have tried to link to them where possible.  I am truly grateful to all of them.

In all there’s information on 9 successful feature films, 2 television series, 6 video games, and a role as the Creative Director for the $600 million Dr. Phillips Center. 

Robin Cowie as a young man directing talking to a cameraman on one of his past projects

If you are curious about one of my past projects, or would like to work together on a project you have, contact me and I will try and respond as quickly as I can.