Aflac – Trash Talk Campaign

Director of Technology


> “Trash Talk” used humor and rivalries to deliver playful insults and prizes to college football fans.
> Improvisational comedians and a “traveling Aflac” vehicle delivered surprising fan engagement.
> Demonstrates the power of humor, technology, and real-world interaction.

Aflac’s “Trash Talk” Campaign: A Playful Blend of Creativity and Technical Ingenuity

In the competitive advertising arena, it takes a blend of creativity, technical skill, and an understanding of audience engagement to create a campaign that resonates with viewers and stands out for its originality and effectiveness. Aflac’s “Trash Talk” campaign, launched in 2022 following college football bowl games, is a prime example of such a campaign, showcasing a unique approach to consumer engagement through humor, rivalry, and the universal love of sports. This initiative highlights my capabilities in conceptualizing and executing marketing strategies and underscores my ability to harness technology and creativity to foster memorable experiences.

Concept and Execution: A Creative Overview

The “Trash Talk” campaign was designed to tap into the passionate rivalries inherent in college football, turning the competitive banter between fans into a central theme. By leveraging the iconic Aflac Duck, the campaign brought a light-hearted and entertaining twist to post-game celebrations, delivering trash-talking insults and prizes directly to fans’ homes. This concept required a multifaceted approach, combining creative storytelling with logistical execution and digital innovation.

Engaging the Audience with Humor and Rivalry

The first step involved identifying friends who were fans of rival college football teams, setting the stage for a playful exchange of banter. The use of improvisational comedians was a strategic choice, ensuring that the delivery of insults was not only humorous but also felt spontaneous and genuine. This approach showcased my ability to create engaging content that resonates on a personal level, demonstrating an understanding of audience dynamics and the elements that drive viewer engagement.

The “Traveling Aflac” Vehicle: A Technical Marvel

One of the campaign’s standout features was the creation of a “traveling Aflac” vehicle designed to deliver the fun directly to fans’ doorsteps. This element required a combination of technical logistics, from the design and branding of the vehicle to coordinating the delivery of prizes such as food and drinks. This component’s successful implementation highlighted my project management and logistical coordination skills, ensuring seamless execution of a complex, moving campaign element.

The Result: Enjoyable Engagement for All

The outcome of the “Trash Talk” campaign was overwhelmingly positive, with fans enjoying the playful banter and the surprise deliveries from the Aflac Duck. This initiative enhanced brand visibility and engagement for Aflac and demonstrated a creative and effective use of advertising to foster a connection with the audience. The campaign’s success is a testament to the power of innovative marketing strategies that combine humor, technology, and real-world interaction to create memorable experiences.

Reflections on Creativity and Technical Excellence

Participating in the development and execution of Aflac’s “Trash Talk” campaign was a rewarding experience that showcased my ability to blend creativity with technical know-how. As we look to the future, the “Trash Talk” campaign serves as a benchmark for creative advertising, demonstrating that with the right mix of humor, audience insight, and technical execution, it’s possible to create marketing initiatives that resonate deeply with viewers. This campaign is a clear example of my commitment to excellence in advertising, showcasing my dedication to not just meeting but exceeding expectations in the realm of creative and technical marketing.