V/H/S 2

Movie Poster VHS2 Haxen Films - Robin Cowie Producer


Haxan Films/The Collective distributed by Magnet Releasing

June, 2012 – July, 2014

> Produced the segment called “A Ride in the Park”

Haxan Films produced one of the segments –  A Ride in the Park – for this feature compilation of horror. It was to be the final project I worked on with my friends at Haxan Films. After 15 years of intense collaboration we all needed to go our separate ways.  So grateful for this and all the other fun experiences.

A sequel to V/H/S, it comprises five found-footage segments linked together by a frame narrative. V/H/S/2 features a largely different group of directors: Jason EisenerGareth EvansTimo TjahjantoEduardo Sánchez, and Gregg Hale, and franchise returnees Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard.