The Golf Channel

Poster for The Golf Channel Robin Cowie Producer and Director 1994-1995

Producer | Director

15th hire at The Golf Channel

January, 1994 – January,1995

> Produced and directed show packaging, promotions, interstitials, and marketing support


> Produced the opening segment for The Golf Channel


> Created the “Golf is” brand launch campaign

After Nickelodeon I was hired by The Golf Channel to help launch the new sports network. I reported directly to the remarkable Creative Director Steve Johnston and my responsibilities included creating show opens, network promotions, interstitial content, as well as advertising for companies who wanted to purchase time on the network.

I worked closely with producer/ director Kenny Taht and when the network launched I had created the first image viewed on air.

The reel to the right is a montage I edited to show how broad the audience for Golf is. The company used it as its centerpiece for conventions for a number of years. I directed many of the pieces in it and it gives a good idea of the type of material we created.

One show we launched while I was their was the incredibly successful Golf Academy Live pictured bottom right.  I learned so much about sports, television, branding, and what it takes to be a creative professional.  It also created the launch pad for my first entrepreneurial business Hollywood Cows