In Search Of

In Search Of


Haxan worked through this challenging experience.

October, 2001 – July, 2002

> Helped acquire the rights and sell the show


> Helped produce and manage the production logistics


> Helped deal with the studio fallout

This was a project we worked on at Haxan for almost two years and shot in Orlando but then had to be greatly altered.

We worked with Alan Landsburg – the original creator of In Search Of. The concept was to re-visit the original hit TV show and use his vault of old footage as a jumping off point for revisiting the supernatural phenomena.

Unfortunately we discovered only a week out from production that the rights to this footage that we had acquired had not been properly cleared.

We created seven episodes and tried to save the shows but ultimately the adjusted creative could not stand without the vault footage. 

It was a huge lesson for us all but we did create a lot of good content hardly reached the public. It ultimately surfaced on the SyFy Channel but in a much different form than what we set out to create.

We learned a lot about working with established brands, legal clearances, and production at scale.  The episodes we created were filmed all over the world and the level up from the production challenges of The Blair Witch Project were immense. Still we were able to employee a lot of our friends making many experiences that we had only dreamed about in film school.