For the past 2 years I have been working as the Senior Narrative Producer for Madden NFL –made and published by Electronic Arts.  I was a consulting producer with them on and off for 9 months prior to joining full time.  Over the last three years we created Madden: Longshot and Madden: Longshot – Homecoming, and I am currently in production on Madden 20: SuperstarLongshot consists of 3.5 hours of cinematics and about 3 hours of gameplay.  It also included several mini-games and some live action footage.  It took us about 22 months to create it from start to finish.  It won Polygon’s Sports Game of the Year Award and earned a WGA nomination. Homecoming was the sequel and it comprised 1.5 hours of cinematics and approximately 6 hours of game play.  We were certainly challenged by the 8 months we had to create it.

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